Prompton Frequently Asked Questions and General Information.


1. What are the proper steps to apply for a suite through Prompton?

Please view our current apartments for rent and decide which suite(s) you would like to view. View apartments

Contact the appropriate Property Manager and set up a showing to view the selected suite(s).

Upon finding a suitable suite, fill out this below application form:

please include a copy of your photo ID, and if applicable, a photograph of your pet with your application for tenancy,

After your Property Manager has received your completed application for tenancy, we will run a credit check and verify all of your tenancy, employer, and personal references.

If you are a student, you may need the following items along with your application for tenancy:

  • A Guarantor who is a Canadian citizen and a resident of BC. All Guarantors must fill out an application form and will be included in the lease for the life of the tenancy.
  • A letter from your educational institute confirming you are a student enrolled in their program(s).
  • Financial records and Visas.

All tenants moving into suites managed by Prompton must have tenants’ insurance to include liability.

  • If all of your application details and references are confirmed, meet Prompton’s standards, and receive the owner’s final approval, your Property Manager will contact you to arrange your lease signing appointment.


2. How should I pay for rent through an apartment managed by Prompton?

All Prompton tenants are required to set up a Personal Automated Debit (PAD) system through their bank account using this form:
We prefer not to accept cash or cheque payments for rent.


3. How do I give notice to vacate?

Please fill out the below ‘notice to vacate’ form and send to your Property Manager or email/drop off to Prompton reception: | #201-179 Davie St.

Note: the date of termination cannot be later than the last day of the month.

You need to provide your notice to vacate at least 1 month prior to when you want to move out as per the Residential Tenancy Act. You must give one full calendar month’s notice to vacate.


Once you have given notice, your Property Manager will send you a detailed email regarding the move out procedures. This will include the cleaning requirements, key handover, and how you would like to arrange for showings over the next few weeks. Showings are done between 9:30am – 5:00pm Monday – Friday. You can let us know if any specific date/time works better for you.


4. What is the standard process for moving in and moving out of an apartment? 

Quick Move-in Move-out Checklist:


  • Elevator booked
  • Elevator deposit paid
  • Move in fee paid
  • Move in walk through scheduled with your Property Manager


  • Proper notice given as per above (#3)
  • Cleaning company booked
  • Carpet cleaner hired
  • Holes repaired, light bulbs replaced
  • Locker emptied and swept, balcony swept, parking stall cleaned 
  • Elevator booked
  • Move out fee paid

For moving out, you must have all your belongings out of the premises, have the premises fully cleaned to our below requirements, and have the move out inspection completed with your Property Manager before 1:00 pm on the last day of the month.

Please use this below cleaning checklist form as a guideline for the standard of cleaning we expect when you vacate your suite:

You MUST hire a professional cleaner to clean any carpets. If you choose to use your own company for carpet cleaning, we require the receipt of these cleaning services.

Any other cleaning and maintenance can be done yourself or through one of our trades as per the prices outlined below.

You are also required to patch and sand any large holes in your walls and replace burnt out light bulbs before vacating.

If the above cleaning and minor maintenance issues are not completed by the time you move out, will be forced to charge these services against your security deposit.

If you’d like, we can organize contractors to complete these services for you. Just let your Property Manager know in advance. The approximate charges for these services are:

  • Carpets: approximate $100.00 – $145.00 + tax (if applicable)
  • Cleaning: approximate $120 for first hour; $50 for each additional hour with 2 cleaners OR $60 for each additional hour with 3 cleaners (3-5 hrs per suite)


5. Why is Tenant Insurance Mandatory?

We recommend Square One Insurance for tenant insurance coverage
Sign up is easy online and monthly rates are very affordable


6. What is the required amount for a Pet Deposit?

The Residential Tenancy Act sets the maximum amount for a pet deposit at half of one month’s rent

The security deposit for a suite is also half of one month’s rent.


7.  What is the Residential Tenancy Act?

The Residential Tenancy Act is the legislation which governs all residential tenancies in BC.  This applies to tenancy agreements, rental units and other residential properties.  It includes all aspects of a tenancy, and include such areas as the requirements for starting and ending a tenancy, security deposits, rent increases, dispute resolutions, notices that are required and how to serve the Notices.

The Residential Tenancy Act outlines the rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords in BC.

Here is a comprehensive Residential Tenancy Act Guide for Tenants and Landlords. This publication is available in a variety of languages.

Residential Tenancy Act Guide

Full Residential Tenancy Act


8. What is a Form K ?

The Form K is set out in the Strata Property Act. Any person renting in a strata development must sign a Form K to acknowledge they have read the bylaws and thereby agree to abide by them.  The Form K is part of the Prompton lease signing package for all strata units in our portfolio.




OWNERS (Property Management Services):

1. What are the steps for listing my property with Prompton Property Management Services?

1. Speak with a Prompton Property Management Marketing Rep
We will go over the details of your property and the services we can provide. Services & Fee Summary will be emailed or faxed if enquiry is over phone.

2. Schedule an appointment for a Prompton Marketing Representative to come view your suite
We will help asses the max lease amount you will be able to achieve per month.

3. Go over the Prompton Property Management Contract
The contract will then be signed if you agree with our terms and conditions and an operating trust account will be set up.


2. What are some of the services you will provide for me on an ongoing basis? 

We  market your property, schedule tenants showings, run tenant screening, and give you the final approval on the best tenant we have found.

Throughout the year we will collect rent, attend to tenancy issues, attend AGM’s as required, run suite inspections, deal with rent increase and tenancy renewals, process any security deposits, pay property taxes, and pay your strata fees when requested. You do not have to worry about any of this.

We will keep you up to date on tenancy changes, emergencies, and necessary repairs over $1000. Rental statements will be sent to you every month outlining your suite expenses and income.


3. How do you qualify tenants?

Finding the right tenant is an extremely important part of our Property Management process. We screen every set of eligible applicants using proven professional techniques that narrow our focus to only the best applicants.

Tenants renting through Prompton need to meet strict financial requirements, agree to a credit check, have excellent references and reputation, and be willing to sign a 1 year lease minimum.


4. What is the maximum allowable rent increase for 2020?

2.6% according to the guidelines from Residential Tenancy Office.  This changes annually.


5. What is the standard lease term Prompton requires?

Our standard lease term with the tenant is one year fixed term with the option to renew for another year or roll over to month to month basis. Other fixed term leases can be accommodated upon request by the owner.


6. What are Prompton’s Service Boundaries?

We specialize in Downtown, Yaletown, Vancouver West, Burnaby, Central Surrey and Central Richmond.


7. What types of properties does Prompton manage?

We manage apartment buildings, condos, townhouses, strata boat slips, and commercial and retail spaces. We deal primarily with unfurnished suites but also take on furnished rentals too through our luxury furnished rentals partner. We don’t take on management of houses at this time.

8. What care is taken in insuring my condo is protected? 

We ensure that both owner’s insurance and tenant’s insurance is purchased for your condo. Tenant’s must provide proof of insurance prior to being allowed to move into your investment suite.